The Health & Beauty People

We are a West Bridgford based business supplying health and beauty products from Forever, the world's largest grower of Aloe Vera.

We discovered Forever in 1994 and have gradually built up a group of wonderful regular customers who love the products as much as we do (and because they work). The range includes skincare, toiletries, a weight management programme and cosmetics all made with aloe vera.

Did you know you can drink aloe vera? Thousands of people drink this gel daily and have experienced relief from inflammatory conditions and digestive disorders. Others take it as a health tonic to boost the immune system and increase energy. Samples will be available at our stall.

Summer Gathering Special:

Free Aloe Lips with every purchase over £7!
Free prize draw - Win a Summer Skincare set - Sun cream, Gelly, Scrub and Self-tan (in case the sun is late again).

For further info contact
The Health & Beauty People

0115 878 0806
07595 675499